Trusted payment methods offers you different methods of payment; you maychoose the most convenient for you:


It is a duly acredited financial entity for bying and selling tranasactions via Internet. It is widely used and offers total payment security. You can use your Paypal account if you already have one or pay directly with your credit card without having a PayPal account.

Bank transfer

If you wish, you can make a bank transfer to our account of; the data to perform the bank transfer shall be notified by e-mail at the time of purchase:

If you chose to pay by bank transfer, you havto indicate as a concept the name and surname of the person who has made the purchasing on the web so we can assign the charge to your order.

You have 7 working days to make the transfer after placing your order. Once our bank receives confirmation of the deposit, we will process your order. 
The delivery periods start from this date.

Payment by Credit Card

Paypal gatewaenables payments with your credit card without being registered in Paypal system. This payment system is called "standard payment" and Paypal informs about this option into Paypal webpage. Below is a short presentation about how to pay with Paypal without having a Paypal acount.

It is very easy:

Place the order

Once you have chosen the product you want to buy a window will open wich will allow you to place the order by clicking othe "Placorder" button.

Select the payment method

The next step will be to select the payment method. For your convenience we have enabled the option "bank transfer payment" but, if you wish, you can buy the products with your credit card directly on our website, through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account). The procedure is very simple.

Easy steps to buy across Paypal without having a Paypal account

Kindly indicate that you want to buy with Paypal. (Do not forget to accept our terms and conditions and privacy policy).

When you accept payment with PayPal the following window appears. By now you are in the payment system Paypal with all the benefits of security and privacy.

Below and to the right you will find a section that says "Do not you have a PayPal account ?. Select this option.

Automatically a window drop down, in which you can enter your details to make payment with your credit card without opening a Paypal account.

When you have filled the fields (not all are required), click on the yellow button "Pay".

Paypal will inform you that your payment has been made with all the guarantees of its platform without having to open a Paypal account.

Now you know how to pay without paypal account. That easy. Without giving further details of the necessary security and online payment system more widespread in the world.